Maximum RatingModul Number
kV DCmAJ/sec
2500500CAPTEC 002500
215001500CAPTEC 0021k5 
225002500CAPTEC 0022k5
250005000CAPTEC 002550
3333500CAPTEC 003333
310001500CAPTEC 0031k0
316662500CAPTEC 0031k6
333335000CAPTEC 003333
5200500CAPTEC 005200
56001500CAPTEC 005600
510002500CAPTEC 0051k0
520005000CAPTEC 0052k0
8125500CAPTEC 008125
83751500CAPTEC 008375
86252500CAPTEC 008625
812505000CAPTEC 0051k2
10100500CAPTEC 010100
103001500CAPTEC 010300
105002500CAPTEC 010500
1010005000CAPTEC 0101k0
1566500CAPTEC 015066
152001500CAPTEC 015200
153332500CAPTEC 015333
156665000CAPTEC 015666
2050500CAPTEC 020050
201501500CAPTEC 020150
202502500CAPTEC 020250
205005000CAPTEC 020500
2540500CAPTEC 025040
251201500CAPTEC 025120
252002500CAPTEC 025500
254005000CAPTEC 025400

CAPTEC 030033

301001500CAPTEC 030100
301662500CAPTEC 030166
303335000CAPTEC 030333

CAPTEC 2-30kV / 500 - 5000J/sec

The primary switched high voltage power supplies CAPTEC are specially designed for the requirements to charge condensers. Four different charge powers with 500J/sec, 1500J/sec, 2500J/sec, 5000J/sec and nine different output voltages from 2kV up to 30kV are available. The charge voltage as well as the charge current can be independently adjusted. The actual value is issued at the analogue interface. By enabling the charge process, the voltage mounts linear up to the desired voltage value. If the desired value of the voltage is reached, the power supply switches automatically over from current regulation to voltage regulation and you get the status message HV-OK from the digital interface. The voltage at the condenser is kept constant.
For the CAPTEC series a manual programming and digital LCD displays on the front panel is available. Each model is available with positive or negative polarity.


Input400Vac ±10%, 50 or 60Hz, three phase
Output36 models from 2kV up to 30kV with a charge power of 500J/sec to 5000J/sec. Every model is available with positive or negative polarity.
Analogue I/O-InterfaceVoltage and current are continuously adjustable over 0 – 10 V analogue inputs. Optionally power regulation and control is possible over an analogue input.
Voltage RegulationLoad: 0,01% of full voltage for full load change.
Line: ± 0,01% of full voltage over specified input range
Current RegulationLoad: 0,1% of full current for any voltage change.
Line: : ± 0,1% of full current over specified input range.
Residual ripple 1% rms. related to nominal voltage
Power connectionsAC input           terminal connector
HV output         Lemo connector with 10m
                         shielded HV cable
(H x W x D)
3HE x 19” x 580mm,   2kV - 10kV bis 1500J/sec
6HE x 19” x 680mm, 15kV - 30kV bis 1500J/sec
9HE x 19” x 550mm,   2kV - 10kV bis 5000J/sec
9HE x 19” x 710mm, 15kV - 30kV bis 5000J/sec
CE MarkEN55011/03.91 (limit value class A)