CMS unit

Short description

The Capacitor Management System is composed of a CMS unit, UC modules as well as the UCMControl software. The UCMControl software visualizes, parametrizes and records the measured values of the CMS unit. The CMS unit itself monitors the UC module as well as the complete energy storage system.

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Technical Data 

Nominal input voltage

24 V DC +/-10%

Max. nominal input current

Max. inrush current

Nominal output current (fan)

24 V DC +/-10%

Max. nominal output current (fan)

Max. power loss

Max. load message contact

Protection type


Operating temperature

-40 ... 60°C

Storage temperature

-40 ... 60°C

Air humidity

95% non-condensing

Max. altitude (without performance reduction)

2000 m above sealevel

Dimensions (H x W x D)

127 mm x 54 mm x 83 mm