Capacitor buffered Power Supply

Capacitor buffered Power Supply 

Type       :   C-TEC 2410-1
Art.-No.  :   NCPA0609G01002


Short description

The DC-UPS of the series C-TEC includes ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. This capacitor is charged with the system voltage (Ue) during normal operation. The connected loads are supplied as well from the system voltage. In case of an interruption of the system voltage the energy of the ultra-capacitors is released in a regulated way. With a dc/dc converter, the load is supplied by the capacitor until it is discharged. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the capacitor and on the discharge current.


The DC-UPS has the following characteristics:

  • Maintenance-free because of long-life ultra-capacitors
  • Microcontroller based charging and discharging of the ultra-capacitors
  • Parameterizable via USB interface
  • Control of operation and status of charge with LED’s
  • Compatible with the TECControl-Software

Technical Data

Nominal input voltage

12V / 24V DC


Fusing input

15A (FK2) (device internal)

Input voltage range

12,2V - 27V DC


DC- output circuit

15A (FK2) (device internal)

Minimum charging votlage

x-001 (decoupled unit):

x-002 (not decoupled):

(see chapter “5 Operation“)

system voltage + 0,7V

system voltage + 0,2V


capacitor circuit

25A (FK2) (device internal)

Nominal input current

10,0 A


Type of connection input     ‘UE

Spring-clamb technique
max. 2,5mm²
(AWG 26-12)
torque N/A

max. inrush current

35A / 2ms


Type of connection output    ‘UA

Output voltage in back-up operation
system voltage 12V

System voltage 24V

11,7V DC ±4%
23,2V DC±2%


Type of conneciton messages  ‘I/O’

Spring-clamb technique
max. 1mm²
(AWG 28-14)
torque N/A

Nominal output current

10A DC


Type of connection USB

USB-B socket

Monitoring of limiting current

10,3A DC ±0,1A


Protective system

IP 20 a. EN 60529

Switch off if limiting current is exceeded

after 1,5 Sek.




Current limitation

1,05...1,2 x IANom


Storage temperature /
environmental temperature



UA=23,2V DC, IA= IAnom




< 95% condensation not permissible

max. power loss




165 x 70 x 145mm
(H x W x D)


File Format


EPLAN Macro140703edz

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