AKKUTEC 2420 1ph

AKKUTEC 2420-0

Short description

The battery buffered DC power supply of the series AKKUTEC is working according the stand-by parallel mode and ensures in connection with a lead-acid accumulator a safe continuous DC power supply in case of mains failure.

The power supply has the following features:

  • Primary switched power supply with  I/U-charging characteristics
  • active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Battery management by micro-controller
  • Battery voltage tracking of the charging voltage by external sensor module (optional)
  • Display- and control panel for mount in cabinet door or module (optional)

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Technical Data

Input voltage range


230V AC -15/+10%

Rated input current:

2,7A AC

Input frequency


max. inrush current

65A / 3ms

Ouptut voltage

a) 19...26,4V DC

b) 19...28,6V DC
(if boost charging is activated respectively at temperature tracking)

Final charging voltage

26,4V DC ±0,4%

Charging characteristics

I/U DIN 41773-1

Deep discharge protection and load rejection at

19,8V DC ±0,4%

Nominal output current

20A DC

Constant current limitation


Battery type

Pb-Akku, wartungsfrei


Ua=26,4V DC, Ia=20A und Ue=230V AC


max. power loss ‘worst-case’


Earth leackage current


Fusing primary

5A slow acting, 5x20 (internal)

max. pre-fusing

10A slow acting

fusing battery load circuit

25A slow acting (external)

fusing DC-output

25A slow acting (external)

Type of connection primary ‘mains’

Combicon-screw type terminal 2,5mm2

Type of connection sekundary  ‘Ua’, ‘Batt’

Combicon-screw type terminal 4mm2

Type of connection interface ‘IO-1...IO-3’

Combicon-screw type terminal 1,5mm2

Type of connection Current-Share-Bus ‘CS’

Screw type terminal 2,5mm2

Display and messages


‚Netzbetrieb‘ operation

LED green illuminates:

·  Mains operation
(UE>UEmin and TInt<TIntmax)

LED green
(battery voltage within the monitoring window 21,6< UBatt < 27V DC)

LED green
(battery voltage above the monitoring window UBatt  =27V DC

Fehler (fault)

LED red
LED illuminates at:

· Battery operation (during mains operation LED is not illuminated)

· UA- error

· Battery circuit interrupted respective high-ohmic (Testintervall 60s)

· Battery low

· Battery reverse poled

· Battery-over-temperature (only in connection with temperature tracking

Signal in- and outputs


Mains operation 1)

potentialfree relay-contact, closer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A

Fehler 1)

potentialfree relay-contact, changer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A


potentialfree relay-contact, closer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A


potentialfree relay-contact, closer, max. contact load 30 V DC/ 0,5A


Shut down of UPS mode

Switch input, referring ot earth, switch level: 24V DC (16-80V DC)

Starkladung (Boost charging)

Activation of boost charging (boost charging voltage 28.6V DC)
Switched input referenced to earth, switching level: 24V DC (16-80V DC)


a)Individual Module

b)19 “ – version

c)Installation Panel Version (without batteries)

d)Installation Panel version with 7.0Ah Batt

e)Installation panel version with 12.0Ah Batt.

ca. 3 kg

ca. 6,0 kg

ca. 3,8 kg

ca. 9,5 kg

ca. 13 kg

Storage Temperature

Recommended 0...30°C,
Permissible 0...50°C

Operating Temperature

Recommended 10...20°C (battery life!),

Permissible 0...40°C

Protective system




Individual module

On installation panel

19“ Rack

100,5 x 240,5 x 244 mm (W x H x D)

340 x 256 x 252 mm (W x H x D)

482,6 x 132,5 x 244 mm (W x H x D)

UL approvals No


File Format


Quickstart AKKUTEC 2420-0 1ph.  + NBBH 2407-PDF
EPLAN Macro140703edz
3D Model160822STP

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